eggs and juice

Local & Bio

Local ingredients that have a (quality) history, preferably directly from the local farmers or producers in the village, form the basis for special taste experiences not only for the lunch buffet and a la carte dinner, but especially for breakfast.

Particular attention is paid to the choice of partners and producers who support the philosophy of the kitchen. One of them is the organic farm Poyerhof from Ried am Riederberg, where the quality of the products and the welfare of the animals are of particular importance.

The fresh organic eggs come from free-range chickens who pick fresh grass and have plenty of room to move around. Old chicken breeds such as Maran, Sulmtaler chickens, Amrock and Brahmas have their home here. Hemp, linseed and poppy oil are characterized by the gentle production. Due to the slow pressing process and the low temperature important flavors and ingredients are preserved. The hemp seeds also come from the Poyerhof. They are considered true protein bomb. Already a handful of these covers the daily requirement of protein.